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        OPEN DOOR aims to
        Welcome everybody into a safe and non-judgemental environment
        Offer the hand of friendship to all who come through the door
        Work alongside other organisations so we can help signpost those who need further support and advice
        Serve drinks, a hot breakfast and hand out food parcels
        Offer hope and help people grow in all they have to contribute
        Encourage everyone to develop the gifts they have to share

        Introducing the managing director of Open Door Vanessa Renshaw who answered a calling to feed the homeless and vulnerable of Stoke on Trent.
        The charity was then founded in November 2013 with three other likeminded people, with a kettle and toaster and the support of St Marks.
        It has now grown into a large operation that offers two drop ins, a food bank as well as clothes/furniture bank, garden project and a substance free house.
        All of these are projects are organised and facilitated by our wonderful team volunteers.

        Our two drop ins are: St Marks Church in Shelton that is held on a Monday morning that serves approximately 100 friends and Christ Church in Cobridge on a Friday morning that feeds approximately 40.
        We provide a non-judgmental safe environment along with support and advice and friendship during these drop-ins along with a hot cooked meal and drinks to the vulnerable and homeless of Stoke on Trent.
        Each of our friends also leaves with a food bag containing a meal and for those with no cooking facilities a “packed lunch” style food bag.
        We are well supported each week by the Samaritans, NHS Nurses and drug and alcohol support workers just to name a few of the organisations.
        We endeavour to provide a warm and welcoming hub of support under one roof were everyone is valued and welcome.

        The food, furniture and clothes banks are situated at our unit on the Spode factory site.
        We are fortunate to be supported by organisations such as Marks and Spencer, Sainsbury’s, and Morrison’s who donate weekly to our foodbank and drop ins, as do the general public.
        Our volunteers ensure that the food and other items are sorted, stored and distributed accordingly.

        We share a garden with the Boy’s brigade and are looking to promote seed to plate and healthy living as well as inclusion and self-esteem.

        Our Substance free house is a relatively new addition to our charity and there is a page dedicated to it on our site.

        There is always the need to fundraise and run food drives so that we can continue to provide and promote this service; this is only possible through our volunteer’s dedication and hard work……why not think of volunteering a few hours or donating to help us keep up the good work that is being done in our local community.